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Fri, 02.12.2016
Befl├╝gelter Freitag

Fri, 19.08.2016
Rock im Zelt

Sat, 04.06.2016
Projekt Blues Rock

Fri, 18.03.2016
Befl├╝gelter Freitag

Fri, 12.02.2016


Basement Barbeque

The Swiss-Australian Band Basement Barbeque combine a repetoire of hits from the 70's to today, played with their own individual style and with attention to detail. With their wide range of music, they satisfy the tastes of both young and older audiences.

The Basement Barbeque band members are :
 Michael Hutter Bass
 Zepp Langer Guitar, Sax and Blues Harp
 Sven Rieser Vocals and Guitar
 George Siamlidis Drums
 Karl Sippel Vocals and Guitar
 Simon Collenberg Piano